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Handling Depression in Elderly

The increasing number of elderly that need serious attention especially to seek how to elderly remain independent and useful. Meanwhile the condition of the elderly experience different either decline or deterioration of biological and psychological functions. Decreased function of biological and psychological affects mobility and social contact. The reduced social contact often leads to the problem of elderly depression. Depression is a psychological disorder that most commonly occurs in the last years of the life of the individual. Depression in the elderly is emerging in the form of physical complaints such as insomnia, loss of appetite, digestive problems, and headaches. Depression is a condition that is easily made elderly despair, the sad reality for life looks bleak and filled with many challenges. Elderly people with depression are usually more indicative of physical complaints than emotional complaints. Physical complaints as a result of depression are less easy to recognize, which often cause delays in handling. Physical complaints that appear indistinguishable whether caused by physical or psychological factors, so that depression is often too late to be detected. Some elderly require special handling because they often refuse to go to the doctor and more excited about joining the community, then you as a family can provide an alternative to them to join in ayahuasca retreats in argentina.

Church community who are committed to continuing to heal those who have depression and troubled soul, treating them from fear and refresh their minds by doing meditation and yoga. Most of the elderly are particularly pleased when it can interact with the people around him and talked a lot of things, it will speed up their healing more quickly as required by depressed people is the community support that they have views to life again. Although sometimes the exact cause of geriatric depression is not yet clear, some of the possibilities for setbacks function and structure of the brain that cause disturbances in the geriatric neuorotransmitter and neuoroindokrin. In most people customarily depression will be good with medical assistance. “Talk Therapy”, drugs or other remedies may alleviate depression customarily earlier. We recommend that elderly people suffering from depression do not get it.