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With a limited floor space, you do not need to spend big

Apartment and a number of a condominium in the city and began to live the lifestyle of modern people today. Even the Singapore government already requires vertical housing for its citizens, given the limitations of land there. There are many reasons why people choose an apartment, either because the value of an investment that continues to rise each year, a lifestyle or a place to stay. In this case, the apartment or condominium applies not only to stay but also can be a long-term material investment if you want to. Every long-term investment has an advantage equal to the risk. Investors prefer products property as a long-term product because the risk is smaller, since no physical form. Based on a research by Colliers International, the potential profit of a property, especially an apartment is 30 percent to 50 percent. The apartment is sold back to the meager two to three years after awakening could reach 50 percent to 80 percent. If you want to know, queens peak can be a land investment to get the source of income is the sale and rent.

A study at Harvard University in 2014 regarding occupancy reveal those aged 25-34 postpone purchases or stay at home. They prefer to live in the apartment, the main reason for the trend factor rather than an investment. That trend began to grow, especially in cities that are developing residential vertical, with consideration of the location and less land, apartment a solution somewhere to stay in the big cities. Still, in the same study, 66 percent of respondents are more satisfied with the property sale value has the same or even increased significantly from year to year. They are thinking about investing in the years to come. They believe that home ownership is not a need for them. In contrast to the apartment ownership resale value continues to climb.

Active people aged no longer need private vehicles such as cars to support the activity. They chose public transport to save costs arising as well as condominiums and apartment location is very close to the place of destination. Many apartment or condo, especially in a strategic area offers easy access to the occupants. When housing land moves on the suburb, a new generation cannot follow the change. They prefer to stay in the city center, where they can live, work, and have fun at the same time. Not surprisingly, the apartment occupancy is chosen because it does not require a lot of engagement to take care of. Unlike the office sector, the market segment for residential property continues to rise in price. The condo is unit apartment purchased for property and it means there is a price increase each year. Demand for middle-class condominium just continues to increase so that it is used by a number of property developers to take a new approach and momentum to start sales. The appeal of the apartment is very tempting because of access and a convenient location the housing needs to continue to increase, so the value of investments also increased.