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Requirements to Be a New Citizen of the UK

There are several different ways available which can be taken as an option to become a new British citizen and one of the most common ones is called as naturalisation. Naturalization is a legal act or process to change the status of a person from non-citizen to the opposite. This act or process may be done by a statute which does not require the person to do any effort to obtain the citizenship or nationality or it might require and involve an application and approval from legal authorities of the country.

In the United Kingdom, this process of changing the citizenship of someone from one country to another has the need of requiring the person to take an English language test which is called as the b1 english test for citizenship to prove the English skills of the person amongst all of the requirements for naturalisation. The UK government has decided to apply this rule since ten years ago with the purpose of increasing the quality of its citizens. Hence, below will be a narrative explaining all the requirements of becoming a new citizen of the United Kingdom in details.

To be able to become a new citizen in the UK, one must be at least at the age of eighteen. Then, the person must have good characters. It means that the person should be clean from any recent or serious criminal record. The person is also required to not have ever tried to cheat on the Home Office or get involved in any immigrant offence for the last ten years. If the applicant for the citizenship has been able to pass all the requirements which have been mentioned, the next requirement to pass is the English language test which has been discussed above. So, that is the step one should go trough in order to be able to be a new citizen of the United Kingdom.