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Cartoon Movies in 2016

One of the films we can watch time with family is a cartoon. Not only because a lot of humor but we can also give a positive value to our children through cartoons. In The Top 20 Movies of 2016 So Far | Vertice Cinema we can see there are some cartoons that appeared in 2016 and is anticipated by fans as a courtesy. The first highly anticipated movie is ‘Finding Dory’. If you’ve watched ‘Finding Nemo’ which tells the adventures of a clownfish searching for his son for being caught by divers. Somehow, though Dory very interesting in the previous films, but many people do not feel the same way in this film. Unfortunately, Finding Dory could not overcome the popularity of Finding Nemo which became one of the icons Pixar Studio. The second film is Zootopia. Yes, this is the life of all animals with all its complexity they try to coexist and build the city. The main character of this film is a rabbit who investigate a fox. At the end of the movie we can see if lessons from the film to the lives of children.

Next, we get Moana, an adventurous girl with tribal appearance, Moana looking for adventure at sea and found many new friends who help him. Not only a nice storyline, but we can also get a different atmosphere for the theme song of Moana is deeply embedded in the minds of many people. Lastly, we can watch the ‘Warcraft’. Yes, this is a film adaptation of the famous PC’s game with the figures that came from the game. Different from other cartoon movies, the film was made with the story seriously enough because there are wars, battles, and conflicts between the villain and the good guy. We may not be able to bring our children to watch this movie because there are some scenes that we can not demonstrate to children. So, which film you choose for your children?