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Good Laboratory Practice

Do you want to implement the Good Laboratory Practice? Do you need more information about Good Laboratory Practices in the field of laboratory equipment selection? Each laboratory equipment seattle should be equipped with a user manual (manual instruction) provided by the factory that produces the tool. The application manual generally contains operational way and other things that must be considered. How the use or operation of each type of laboratory equipment must be written in permanent procedures / SOPs.

Before you buy laboratory equipment, there are several things to consider include:

– Does the device easy to operate?
– Does the device require special care?
– Is required calibration each time it is used, just every week or every month?

Broadly speaking, laboratory equipment can be categorised into four (4) sections, namely:
– Hardware electronics: Electronic equipment is equipment that uses electrical power source.

– The equipment is made of metal raw materials: Metal raw materials commonly used to make tools, including nickel, copper, iron, zinc and other alloys.

– Hardware made of glass raw materials: Glassy materials commonly used to make tools, including pyrex and fibreglass.

– Tools are made from raw material rubber/plastic:
Equipment made from raw material rubber/plastics, among others: the tuning fork bat, glove and the crossbar.

On each piece of equipment should also be carried out preventive maintenance (preventive maintenance), that all activities carried out in order to obtain the optimal conditions, can operate properly and no damage occurred. Such activities should be routine for all kinds of tools, in order to obtain the following benefits:

– Increased production lot of quality,
– Increased job security,
– Prevention of production suddenly stops,
– Emphasis leisure/unemployment for executive personnel as well as
– Decrease the cost of repairs.

For that, each device must have a maintenance card that is stored at or near the tool that records every action performed maintenance and abnormalities were found. When an abnormality is found, then it must be immediately reported to the person in charge of the tools to do repairs.