The true love

You maybe know that there are many kinds of love that you receive from your environment. You maybe already give all love that you have to people around you. You already give them the true love that you have but you feel that you never get the same love as their feedback. You maybe think that you already lose all love that you have when there are many people that you love start to leave you one by one. You maybe feel that there is nobody who loves you with their true heart. You maybe always think that you need to receive the same love that you already gave to people around you. Now it is time for you to change your mind and think that you can give your love to all people without worry about what you will receive. Ayahuasca retreats Peru can help you to find out the right way to give and get the true love.

When you visit, you will be able to learn about the community who can help you to give and get a lot of true love. Before you can join this community, you need to know whether you already called by Mother Ayahuasca or not. You need to make sure that your heart really needs to be healed by Mother Ayahuasca before you can join with this community. Called by Mother Ayahuasca is not really the same as when you called by your mother or your friends. You will need to wait for a long time until your heart really hears the call of Mother Ayahuasca. When you join with the retreats that they provide, you will be able to learn how to love people without waiting for them to love you first. All thing is to start by you. You don’t need to be loved first when you want to love people.