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Orthodontic treatment, or better known as treatments braces (stirrup), aimed at smoothing the tooth, repairing occlusion, improve the appearance, and also to improve oral health. Orthodontic treatment is divided into two types, namely treatment orthodontic removable and fixed. Removable Orthodontic treatment is usually used in children in the period of milk teeth or dental intervention period. While the fixed orthodontic treatment, used on children aged adolescents and adults.

Before starting treatment usually will do the initial examination, starting from the initial bite, photos Intra oral and extra oral radiology picture (panoramic and cephalometric). Fixed Orthodontic treatment, consisting of a bracket on the teeth, the wire used to put pressure on the teeth and gum to bind the wires and brackets. With the appropriate pressure on each gear, will move the teeth in the correct position. After treatment is completed, the patient should wear a retainer which is made of acrylic and stainless wire, to preserve permanent tooth in its new position to the supporting tissue (gum and bone) around the teeth. Old retainer usage depends on each case. For more info, you can see on our website;